Multiple Specialty BOV Winning, Group Placing BISS GCHB DC CamRidge Love Is Boreas,  ROMX  "Olive"

We are excited to present our foundation bitch to the Fancy. BISS Bronze GCH CamRidge Love Is Boreas is a group placing, multiple specialty BOV and BISS winning bitch.  Her show history under the Judges she has won over speaks for itself. In the two years out as a Special she stayed in the Top 20 owner handled with limited showing, she has won four Specialty BOV's, BISS and tow BOS/BOB Specialty wins. After her first litter she qualifies for her ROMX and was named Top Producing Wirehaird Btich 2012!
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Olive comes out of retirement one year later and wins GGDC 2013 Specialty BOV and BOSS to BOB her second like win under Breeder Judge Jane Fowler!
BISS - Breeder Judge David Loring BrownOFA
Cascade Dachshund Club Specialty BOV - Breeder Judge Mary Olich Nie
Supported Entry BOV - Breeder Judge Jerold Roush
BOV very nice entry - Judge Betty-Ann Stenmark
Olive's First Specialty BOV and BOSS with a huge false pregnancy - Breeder Judge Jane Fowler
BOV 38 Wires - Hound Breeder Judge Patricia Trotter
BOS July 2010 2nd GCH Major 38 wires - Judge Kitty Steidel
Hound G4 - Judge Lou Guerro Olive picked up 234 All Breed points for this win this was an owner handled win
Supported Entry BOV - Hound Breeder Judge Robert Stein
BOV - Judge Timothy Robbins
Olive's first weekend out as a Special at just 14 months old BOV - Breeder Judge Marci Forrester
First weekend out as Special BOS - Judge Joe Tacker
WB/BOW New CH. - Judge Jeanette McGinnis
WB/BOW/BOS Judge Diane Malefant
Specialty RWB to 5pt Major - Breeder judge Dr. Jon Contoupe
WB/BOW/Puppy G2 Judge Kenneth McDermott, Hound Group Judge David Peat
Specialty WB/BOW/BBE In Show - Dandi Dinmont Breeder Judge Sandra Pretrari - Hicksen
Oct 2008 WB/BOW/BOS over a Special - Judge Dr. Gareth Morgan Jones
WB/BOW/Best Puppy/Puppy G2 - Judge Kenneth McDermott and Puppy Group Breeder Judge David Peat
WB/BOS - Breeder Judge David Peat. Next Day Olive won WB/BOW under Breeder judge Pamela Peat
WB/BOW/BOS - Olive's First Show 6 months old Judge Barbara Young
Olive free stacked 8 mths old
CH. Rosadach's Sidereal Sagg x CH. Raydach's Mis Lowretta Lin

OFA Good

AKC DNA #V625517

Some dogs in Olive's Pedigree